If You Give A Mom A Soldier . . .

If You Give Her A Leopard Print Bag . . .

. . . You May Not See Her For A Very Long Time – lol

  The Leopard Print Bag  

The Big Picture!

October 21, 2011 1) As you can tell by the countdown on the right, the time for The Boy to come home for his mid-tour R&R is right around the corner. 2) The Boy is flying out his FIANCE, who is from Indiana, both are stationed in Colorado, & who knows where The Army will send them next . . . The point being I don’t know when we will see her/them again, so . . . 3) I want my house super ship-shape, and decorated for the Holidays since this will be their only Family Holiday time this year. 4) Also, in addition to the above mentioned, we are possibly going to be moving to San Diego within the next year or so, and after living in our home for 18+ years, there is tons of purging to do! 5) AND . . . “Mr Fix-It Guy,” aka The Dad, has been out of town for 4 days, & I would oh so much like to have all this chaos back in order when he gets home . . . Where the hell is Mary Poppins when I need her???


 1) The Sister calls me Da Vinci as he, too, never quite got around to finishing all the projects he started – sort of funny, but sort of not! 2) The Boy left for The Army April 2, 2008, and my life has never been the same. As much as his world was flipped upside down, so was mine. 3) I tend to (major understatement!) get caught up in the details/minutia, and never quite stay focused long enough to get to the Big Picture. In fact, Most Of The Time, I forget what the Big Picture even was, because the next day, a Leopard Print Bag type thing grabs me, & off I go on yet another tangent! 4) Therefore, I have MANY PILES of Organized Chaos about my house, which I never seem to get back to because every day life keeps getting in the way. Again, sort of funny, but sort of not! 5) I LOVE to be on my Laptop, and thanks to  ”Mr Fix-It Guy,” aka The Dad, I can do lots of things on my Laptop! I LOVE Digital Design, and spend LOTS of time making things look “Just Right,” to me, though 99 1/2 % of the population would NEVER NOTICE all the details . . .

This Post . . . 

. . . is my attempt to get all these crazy thoughts out of my head so I can get back to . . . Yeah, I’ve already forgotten, but  . . . I am hopeful that it will come back to me!

A Glimpse into My Crazy!


Derailment to My Goal #1: 

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 Ok, so the whole kitchen needed a once over anyway – The Woman is coming with The Boy and all that.  How Friggin Ever – Did I really need to add this particular angst to my PILE???

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So Mr Fix-It Guy brings home some Taro – supposed to be really good ant bait, and usually is, but . . .  NOT THESE ANTS – Nooooo, they are not interested! I put 3 sets of bait out, went shopping with The Sister for a few hours, came home, and not only did they NOT EVEN TOUCH the Taro, they had invaded my entire counter!!!

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Forget that, says I, so I pulled out my handy dandy bottle of 409 & went to town spraying the hell out of those ants, which, did I mention were EVERYWHERE? 

GOOD NEWS:  409 Works Instantly!

BAD NEWS:   I now have puddles of dead ant-infested 409 covering the walls, stove, griller, counters, and dripping onto the floor!

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Well, if you’ve dealt with these little boogers, you know that this is only the first of several attacks – damnit!  Knowing is it a bad idea to start cleaning all this up too soon, I now have to just walk away & ignore this Completely Gross situation for at least 24 hours – so The Sister & I HAD to go out to eat, no choice – lol.

GOOD NEWS:  I was able to conquer this mess the next day, & so far, only a few straglers are still hanging about.

BAD NEWS:  I am no closer to working towards my original goals, but . . .

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GOOD NEWS:  I guess in a round about way I did work toward one of my sub-goals and the Kitchen is now immaculate . . . except for those piles of organized chaos that will just not go away!!!

BAD NEWS:  I had yet another PITA (Pain In The Ass) to deal with . . .

Derailment to My Goal #2: 

 So after spending many hours yesterday trying to tackle some of my PILES, I decided to give it a rest & have a Coffee Break on our Super Comfy “Lounging Corner.” (thanks yet again to “Mr Fix-It Guy,” aka The Dad, who built a platform as a base for a Queen Mattress, turning our “New Room” into an extra bedroom area for guests!) So I get nested with my Delicious Cup of Coffee that I’ve been looking forward to, when . . . I turn around and knock said Delicious Cup of Coffee all over The Beautiful Comforter on the “Lounging Corner” – Damn Damn Damn!!! Now, instead of a much needed BREAK, I get to go spray the hell out of The Beautiful Comforter and soak it in OxyClean (praying that our iffy washing machine will survive one more giant load (It did!!!) Did I REALLY need this situation???? Really??? Come on already!

To Be Continued . . .

Original Post:  Friday, October 21, 2011 UPDATE:  Friday, 10/21/11:   It is now 5:00 on a Friday Night, we have an evening engagement, and . . .  The Leopard Print Bag is still Empty – lol ish UPDATE:  Thursday, 10/27/11:   The Leopard Print Bag is still Empty, and is back on the shelf for awhile. However, I have managed to accomplish some other things NOT on my list and REMOTELY related to The Boy & The Woman coming home. The craziest accomplishment might be the relabeling of all my scrapbooks. What might this have to do with the upcoming visit, you might be thinking? Let’s just say getting derailed prior to finishing a project  is not a new affliction for me.  My Scrapbooks all had temporary labels (aka sticky notes), patiently waiting for me to give them real labels.  I haven’t actually worked on any of these books for probably 4+ years,  but decided to pull them out of the cupboard and put them out on my bookshelves so they could have a chance of being enjoyed (by The Woman! See, there IS a connection – lol).  Well, after walking past them several times a day, the temporary labels were driving me NUTZ, so I had to fix them! The good news is that by making all the labels at the same time, they all have consistent visual appeal, and I now smile when I walk by!



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  1. November 10, 2011 at 1:47 pm Posted by Lina

    Holy sizhnit, this is so cool thank you.

    • November 10, 2011 at 1:50 pm Posted by Proud/CrazyArmyMom

      You’re welcome – glad you enjoyed!

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